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   D&Ris the professional company for selling and developing the confectionery plantand packing system. After more than 10 years developing, we built two branchoffice in worldwide, one in Turkey, and another one located in Israel. We haveprofessional engineer team who have more than 30 years experience in thisfield, and now we can design and build automatic system and machine ascustomer's requirement. Dealing scope: 1.   Hard candy plant ,including the depositing candy, die forming candy  2.   Lollipop : die forminglollipop ( chewy gum centre filled), depositing lollipop  3.    Toffee : deposit buttertoffee plant, die forming toffee plant (like éclairs, Turkish elegant)  4.   Jelly : deposit Jelly (carrageenan and pectin base candy).  5.    Gummy: starch mogul plant (Jelatin base candy,carrageenan base candy, pectin base candy and so on) 6.    Chocolate : one shot moulding plant, shell mouldingplant, chocolate tablet depositing plant. Chocolate chip depositing plant,chocolate chip forming plant (M&M) 7.   bar line : nougat barline, cereal bar line and so on  8.   Cake: layer cake andswiss roll plant, cup cake plant and so on.  9.   Coating plant forchocolate bean, M&M and so on  10.  Automatic packing system and packing machine forconfectionery and biscuit plant, secondary packing system  We supply the fulltechnology and food technology service for above machine, also can supply theturkey project service. Customer list(parts) : Turkey: Dilman Sekeler, Evliya Gida, Tatlisumak Gida,Cihan Gida, Hazal Biscuit, Aksu Gida, Balin gida Pakistan: IsmailIndustries, Hilal Industries, Kraft Pakistan, English biscuit and so on. America: THE TOPPSCOMPANY. INC. Iran: AIDIN, SHIVA MFGCO Israel: TOP GUM Argeria: SARL KAOUA FOOD South America: ARCOR South Africa: O’YEAHSWEETS Poland: ZPC VOBRO Indian: Dukes Hyderabad, Dolphin Foods Hyderabad, NaughtyFoods, Desire Confectionery, Nature Foods , Shell Oversea and so on.  
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